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    If you visit SNU for a conference or seminar, you can also purchase SNU badge, watch, clothes, accessories, supplies, notebooks and etc at the souvenir shop. The products are also available online at * To find out where the facilities are, please click the 'location' in the below table

    Shop Location Item Business Hours (during semester) Phone number
    Weekdays Saterday Sunday
    Souvenir Shop Building No. 63, FL1 Souvenirs 09:00~18:30 10:00~17:00 closed 880-5533
    SNUplex Building No. 101, FL1 Souvenirs, stationery, tea, snacks, beverage, personal care goods, 09:00~18:30 closed closed 880-5557


    현재 페이지에 대한 의견이나 수정요청을 관리자에게 보내실 수 있습니다.
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