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    Format: 04/08/2020
    E.g., 04/08/2020
    Restaurant Breakfast Lunch Dinner
    Cafeteria No.3 Bldg. D-75-1

    grilled salted mackerel(#)  3,000won
    chicken cutlet  3,000won
    spicy noodle soup with beef & omelet and fried rice with black bean sauce  5,500won

    fried chicken with suwon rib sauce  3,500won
    kimchi stew with pork belly  3,000won

    Engineering & Research Center 2 Cafeteria Bldg. F-302

    Spicy Kimchi and sausage stew with ramen  3,000won
    Coconut  milk curry with fried shrimp(#)  3,500won

    Andong-style braised chicken in soy sauce with starch noodles  4,000won

    Cafeteria No.1 Bldg. C-63, Student Center

    Bean sprout and kimchi soup(#) 1,700won

    Spicy Stir-fried pork and Kimchi & tofu 3,000won
    Fish cutlet(#) 1,700won
    Short rib soup with dumpling 4,000won

    Spicy stir-fried duck and vegetables 4,000won
    Rice porridge with canned tuna and vegetables(#) 1,700won

    Dorm Cafeteria Bldg. J-919

    Deluxe rice with sweet pumpkins and other vegetables
    &Soy sauce braised beef with quail eggs  3,000won

    Rice-cake soup with dumplings  3,000won
    Braised short ribs in spicy soy sauce  4,000won

    Chiness style bowl of rice topped with fried beef  3,500won
    Barbecue rib & fried rice  5,500won

    cafeteria dongwon Bldg I-113

    Short beef rib soup  3,000won
    Bowl of rice topped with grilled Salmon(#)  4,000won

    Cafeteria Jahayeon Bldg. H-109

    Chopped noodles with clam  3,000won
    Spicy Stir-fried boneless chicken and cheese  3,500won

    Spicy pork back-bone stew with patato and Kimchi  3,500won
    Japanese style bowl of rice topped with beef and egg  3,000won


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