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    For your convenience on campus, lockers, travel agency, flower shop, electronic store, dry cleaning, and shoe repair shop are mainly located in building C-63

    Shop Location Item Business Hours(during semester) Phone number
    Weekdays Saterdays Sunday
    Locker BL. C-62 Locker leasing 07:00~15:00 07:00~15:00 closed 011-332-9771
    Travel agency BL. C-63 2FL. Railway, air ticket reservvation 08:30~18:00 closed closed 02-880-8010
    Seal-engraver's shop BL. B-113 1F. Stamp, business card, key, name plate 09:00~18:30 closed closed 880-5229
    Atheletic Store BL. A-71 1F. Sport goods 09:00~18:30 closed closed 880-5234
    Barbershop BL. C-63 B1. Haircut 09:00~19:00 09:00~17:00 closed 880-5539
    Beauty salon BL. J-900 1F. Hairdo 08:30~20:00 08:30~20:00 closed 02-881-9227
    Computer BL. D-75 2 FL. Electronic goods 09:00~18:00 closed closed 880-6794
    Dry cleaning (dormitory) BL. J-919 1 FL. Dry cleaning, clothes mending 08:30~22:00 08:30~18:00 closed 881-9065
    Atelier BL. I-50 1 FL. Atelier supplies 09:00~18:00 closed closed 880-7461
    Flower shop BL. C-63 2 FL. Flower (delivery) 09:00~18:00 closed closed 880-8584
    Pharmacy BL. C-63 2 FL. Medical supplies 09:00~18:00 09:00~15:00 closed 880-6792
    Optician's shop BL. C-63 1 FL. Glasses and lenses 09:00~18:00 09:00~15:00 closed 880-8008
    Mobile center BL. C-63 1 FL. Mobile phone 09:00~18:00 closed closed 871-8017

    * Barbershop, Beauty salon, pharmacy, optician's shop, and the mobile center are not managed
    by SNU Cooperative.


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